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Millions of people in the country are still deprived of the basic necessities of life and regarded in society as 'Underprivileged'. They are born and brought up with the inadequate education, health facilities and social support. For eliminating this curse from society a social welfare NGO named DevaMitra Foundation is working dedicatedly and came up with the multiple health care and educational programs.

Apart from imparting the free education and health facilities to the deprived children, we have also launched the number of awareness programs to promote the overall development in them. This social welfare society NGO has spread across India and oversea countries and catering to the necessities of the people there.

Introducing the rights of underprivileged people to them

We are working effectively to make the underprivileged sector aware of their rights and duties. All these are being done with a well-planned program by including the social value in it. They are wandering from the slums to the resettled colonies and uniting them with education and moral values. Women and girl child are kept in focus in these programs where they are delivering education from a girl child to an old lady. As we all know they are the one who comes first in the trap of vulnerabilities due to the orthodox mentality of society.

Delivering smiles from kids to elders

Being a social welfare organisation of the country, we are wholly committed to serve the weaker and backward section of the society. Be it money, medicines, cloth, food, shelter and for many more we have a taken our stand to deliver them, these necessities at its best with an evergreen smile on every face here too. This includes kids and elders both because it's a chain of happiness. With this thought, happiness and development have now remained a few miles away from them.

Empowering the lives of all

A social welfare NGO is empowering the lives of the vulnerable sector with education. In fact, it will also help in bringing the forth-coming generation here more advanced and developed.

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